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About Our College

Professional College of Medical Scineces is one of the new generations of Allied Health Sciences Institute in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, established to provide quality education. The Institute is envisaged to grow as a modern Centre of excellence in the field of Allied Medical Sciences. PCMS is committed to the provision of intellectual leadership and development and to emerge as a beacon of light for regional hub in scientific, educational and technological development in the field of Health Care System.

PCMS Values

  • Personal honesty, integrity and respect for humanitarian, traditional and cultural values
  • Generation, synthesis, application and dissemination of knowledge
  • The Medical Education Continuum a system for lifelong learning
  • Mutual respect and collaboration
  • Service to local, regional, national and international communities

The candidate’s applying for admission must have passed the F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) examination from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan with at least 50% marks for all the BS Programs.


Passed an examination of Foreign University/Board other than Afghanistan which, in scope and standard is found equivalent to the F.Sc (Pre-Medical) examination of Pakistan


PCMS College have signed MoU with the Khkula Girls Hostel near our campus in Danish Abad Peshawar.


  • To develop and grow an educational institution of world class which can play a vital role in the economic and social development of Pakistan.
  • To meet the requirements of national and international organizations for skilled and professional human resource.
  • To provide equal opportunities in the field of Allied Health Sciences Education.
  • To make students independent learners and confident to meet the challenges throughout the world.
  • To prepare students for optimum public service, through demonstrative leadership and communication skills to actively take a part in health care services.
  • To demonstrate profound knowledge of basics as well as clinical science, with fundamental context and application in their relevant field.
  • To prepare students for creative and constructive thinking. Understand correlate and apply theoretical knowledge to practice of health sciences relevant to the discipline.


We believes in developing a multi-dimensional comprehensive health care approach encompassing all the four elements of health i.e. prevention, promotion, curative intervention and rehabilitation. We aspire to include a health care team approach at all levels of health care delivery for a comprehensive health care delivery system.
To equip students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Specially and all the Pakistani’s generally with strong knowledge of Health & Allied Health Sciences.
To provide them excellent academic and study environment in all respects at their doorstep so as to enable them to excel in these areas and serve the national and international organizations.

Scholarship Facility

PCMS provides golden 3 categories of scholarship to there students

Skilled Lecturers

We have highly qualified Internaional Experience Faculty

Library & Store

Our Library is En-rich with books specially medical

Hostel Facilities

Signed MoU with Hostels near to campus for students.

PCMS Skilled Administration

We have skilled and experience administrative staff to handle all your administrative problems.

Mr. Noman Gul, IT Manager

Dr. Rizwan Elahi, Principal PCMS

Midrar Ullah, Controller Examination