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About BS Dental

Dental technologists are members of the dental health team who work in laboratories to construct and repair dental devices used in orthodontic treatment, such as bridgework and dentures. Dental Technicians are healthcare professionals whose scope of work includes the design, construction, repair or alteration of dental appliances or devices. Dental technologists also supervise the technical aspects of dental laboratory operation.Dental Technologist is a regulated health care profession. The dental technologists autonomously perform the full scope of dental technology practice and supervise the technical aspects of dental laboratory operation. The dentists will send the impression, along with the prescription to the laboratory of a dental technologist, where the design and/or fabrication, repair of the prescribed prosthesis takes place.While working in separate locations, dental technologists and dentists work closely together as a team. Dentists rely on dental technologists' professional judgment in the filling of prescriptions. The Course is highly innovative and would render expertise and knowledge in the Exposure Control Techniques, Money Management for Dental Laboratories, Complete and Partial Dental Design, Porcelain Laminate Veneers, Face Bow transfers and Articulators of choice, Static and Functional Occlusion & Effective Liaisons & Communication Skills while interacting with Dental Professionals. As a Dental Technologist you can perform following tasks;

  • Manufacture dental prosthetics
  • Bridges, crowns, and dentures
  • Dental braces
  • In any Public or Private Dental Hospitals/Clinics
Admission in BS Dental

After intermediate or equivalence with 50% or above marks from a registered board you can pursue your career in Dental in Pakistan.

BS Dental Salary

The starting salary of an Dental Technologist is from Rs. 35,000 and the figure could touch Rs. 210, 000/- per month as per the time and service in this field. Increase in Experience will be increased your income correspondingly.


PCMS is Affiliated with Khyber Medical University for Bachelor's of Dental Technology 4- Years Degree Program. After the completion of 4- Years Degree Program for Bachelor's of Dental Technology you will be awarded with Khyber Mediical University (KMU) Degree for BS Dental.

Why Choose Our Institution for BS Dental

Here are some reason which might help you to choose our institute as your carrer in BS Dental

Scholarship Facility

PCMS provides golden 3 categories of scholarship to there students

Affordable Fee

PCMS have very smooth fee structure in admission and semester fee for all programs

Skilled Lecturers

We have highly qualified Internaional Experience Faculty

Hostel Facilities

Signed MoU with Hostels near to campus for students.

Faculty of Dental

PCMS holds very high qualified teaching faculty with international exposure. Because we care for students future

Muhammad Fahad Bin Saeed, MPhill Biochemistry

Malik Rizwan Elahi, PhD Cancer Research

Malik Rizwan Noor, MBBS

Midrar Usman, MA Islamiyat